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This product is a deodorant that in addition to its anti-perspiration has a softening and moisturizing effect.
Varicose Gel
This gel helps to repair damaged veins and prevent the progression and worsening of damaged veins. Relieves fatigue and heaviness in the legs.


Q10 is a naturally-occurring, fat-soluble vitamin compound found in all cells of the body and found as coenzyme in most of the enzymes involved in the production of energy within the cell.
Calming herbal drops
This herbal drop plays a role as diazepam because of its plants and is very effective in insomnia problems. It is also calming.
Fench brandy
This cooling solution reduces circulation to the injured site and reduces local muscle pain in sports injuries and seizures.
Cough Candy
This candy has anti-inflammatory properties because of its licorice and honey and is effective in relieving cough and colds infection. Not suitable for diabetics.
Cough drops
It is effective in reducing inflammation, and in relieving dry and sputtered coughs.
Chamomile Handcreme
Anti-inflammatory skin, helpful in relieving eczema and beauty of the skin.
Liver-Bile capsule
treat liver and bile disease and help improve digestive function.
Magnesium Capsule
Reduce symptoms include muscle weakness, muscle spasms / cramps, eye contractions, tingling, fatigue, nausea, depression, anxiety.
Magnesium Oil
For external use, to alleviate leg cramps, and for people with sensitive stomachs
Omega 3
Fish oil is a family of unsaturated fatty acids that have a great impact on heart health, immune system function and brain health.
Mistletoe tincture
suitable for knee pain, circulatory disorders, liver, skin and hair. This syrup contains alcoholic extract of mistletoe, which contains 65% alcohol and is effective in lowering blood presure.
It is suitable for knee pain, circulatory disorders, liver, skin and hair disorders.
Pelargonium drops
This syrup is made of pelargunium which strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation and kidney health and is used in the treatment of colds. It can be used for up to two weeks.
Probiotic 11
Probiotic pills boost the immune system, reduce bowel inflammation after surgery, increase digestibility, improve lactose sensitivity, improve overall uterine health, help improve vitamin D absor
Black seed oil +Vitamin E
Black seed oil, along with vitamin E in the capsule, is used to relieve inflammation and is a natural antioxidant. and enhances immun system..
Mouthwash  50 m
This product is a herbal mouthwash that heals oral mucosal healer and has a good use of dry sputum and sputum.
This syrup increases the blood supply by feeding the veins, and is effective in relieving migraine headaches. Not suitable for diabetics.
Vitamin B complex
It contains all four groups of Vitamin B and is effective in metabolism and energy enhancement, hormone and white blood cell production, and improved neurological function.
Vitamin D3
This product contains 2000 I.E. Vitamin D3.It compensates for the effects of a lack of sunlight and strengthens the immune system, bones and muscle strength.
Vitamin C+Zinc
This product contains vitamins Z and C. Due to the special capsule structure, vitamin C is released slowly in the body withi10 hours.So, all of the vitamin C in the capsule is used by the bo
Frankincense capsule
Effective on relieving forgetfulness, enhancing concentration, enhancing memory (in Alzheimer's disease) and improving motor disorders in MS.
Frankincense  cream
The frankincense cream is a topical cream made from frankincense extract. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the swelling associated with arthritis.
Zinc 30 mg
This product contains 30 mg of zinc. It improves skin, hair and nail health and boosts the immune system. .