What is homeopathy and what treatments does it use

Homeopathy is known as traditional German medicine and used as a complementary therapeutic course, homeopathy behaves like vaccination and increases the body's resistance to all diseases. Keeping man in ideal condition. In other words, the patient is treated by stimulating his vital and defensive powers. In other words, any drug that can cause symptoms in a healthy person can treat the same symptom in the patient.

Homeopathy is a complete treatment system parallel to medical practice, as it can cure acute illnesses such as colds, diarrhea and vomiting to chronic illnesses such as cancer and AIDS. It is also used in events such as shocks, torsions, fractures, and wounds and burns.

But in some cases the success rate is very high and in some others the success rate is very low. For example in diseases such as headaches, sinusitis, seasonal allergies, thyroid problems, heart and lung problems, especially asthma, cysts, gastrointestinal disorders, gastric and gastritis, kidney stones, urinary disorders, cold or urinary disorders, such as sexually transmitted diseases. Excessive sex, obstetric and gynecological problems such as infertility and longevity, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and periodontal disorders and prior pain, bone and muscle pain، Skin problems and especially psychological problems such as depression, anxiety are a very high percentage of success. But in diseases such as cancers, M.S and AIDS, the success rate is very low.

Who is a Homeopathic Doctor?

The homeopath must necessarily be a physician and have a two-year homeopathy course. It should also be competent to correctly identify and prescribe homeopathic remedies.

In Iran, the physicians of this field can be accessed by visiting the Homeopathy Society website.


* Homeopathic products are available in both liquid (delution) and solid (Globule) forms.

* The active ingredient must be diluted. If it is diluted 1/100 it is called C concentration (cmol), and if diluted 1/10 it is called D concentration (dmol).

* Depending on the strength of the characteristic material in Index C and D product will change from 1 to 200. C1 to C200 and D1 to D200.


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